Foundation Antidote Bulgaria
The Foundation
Foundation “Antidot” is one of the leading Bulgarian nongovernmental organizations in the field of prevention of early use of drugs. The foundation experts are convicted that positive changes in this direction are impossible without natural dialogue with young people, knowledge of their adjustments and offering a real opportunities for occasions and activities outside drugs. The national politics in the moment is too focused on political more attractive prevention on the supply of drugs. Loudly advertised seizures and strikes in fact is not more than in advance calculated risk from organized crime. That for after all drugs in Bulgaria now are more accessible and at illegal market there is big variety of comparatively cheap psychoactive substances. “Antidot” Foundation endorse on still underestimated and neglecting here, although proven effective prevention of searching drugs from young people.
A board of managers
- Yana Todorova, master- pharmacist, The president of foundation
- Reader, d-r. Nikola Aleksandrov, Clinic for alergology and toxicology, MMA
- D-r Konstantin Trenchev, President of Confederation of labour “Podkrepa”
- Sioniy, Bishop of Velitsa, rector of the Sofia [Ecclesiastical] Seminary “St. Ivan Rilski”
- Razum Daskalov, chemistry doctor
- Kamen Todorov, engineer
- Dobrinka Dobreva, jurist
Phone 02/8652348
0887 601455
0898 289147